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DIY Makeup - Preparation Before the Photo Shoot


Tip 1 - Start your Preparation Before the shoot

If you are considering getting your hair cut and coloured, this should be done at least a week before the shoot. You will then have time to experiment with different dry hair styling looks and decide on the one which is best for the shoot.

Waxing and hair removal ( face, legs, bikini line etc) needs to be be done at least two days before the photo session to allow any redness or irritation to disappear. You may be considering whitening your teeth. There are many products on the market - The CVS Teeth Whitening Gel Pen is a quick and easy fix which we recommend.

Before the Shoot

  • Cutting and colouring your hair should take place two weeks beforehand
  • Hair removal treatment should be done two days before the shoot
  • Get a restful nights sleep
  • Morning of the shoot - Moisturiser, sunscreen eye drops and nails

On the morning of your photo shoot, put on your moisturiser and sunscreen, allowing plenty of time for it to take effect. Please pay attention to both finger nails and toe nails. If you need to use eye drops these should be applied in the morning rather than after you have applied full makeup in order to prevent tear catastrophes.

Tip 2 - Foundation and Concealer

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