London Family Photographer
London Family Photographer

Top Tips for a Successful Family Studio Portrait


Tip 2 - Makeup Application

For best results use our Professional Makeup Artist - they know precisely just how much makeup to apply for wow factor results under studio lighting. In conjunction with our Digital Retouching, the result will be a stunning photo of YOU on your BEST day.

Studio Makeup Tips

  • Start with a clean exfoliated and moisturized face
  • Primer will conceal fine lines, large pores and uneven skin texture
  • Use matte formulated foundation such as Revlon’s Photoready Makeup
  • Stipple foundation with a damp sponge rather than using your fingers
  • Use matte based eye makeup to colour to enhance your features
  • Avoid eye liner on the inner rim of your lower lash line
  • Lip and cheek colour are important - experiment under bright lights at home
  • Use a lip liner close to your natural lip colour
  • Matte lip colour is recommended

Clients are welcome to apply their own makeup in our studios. Take a look at our DIY Makeup Guide for tips and tricks.

Tip 3 - How to Smile

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