London Family Photographer
London Family Photographer

Top Tips for a Successful Family Studio Portrait


Tip 3 - Smiling in Studios Portraits

It may be fun pose to have the whole family looking mean, moody and ready for a fight but there is no doubt that you will also need a friendly, engaging family photo in which everyone is smiling as naturally as possible.

A guide to natural looking smiles

  • Relax your facial muscles by blowing your cheeks out
  • Think of an absolutely side splitting, laugh out loud moment in your life
  • Squinting VERY slightly with your lower eyelids is a top tip
  • If neccessary, use teeth whitening products before the photo shoot
  • Practice smiling at home, with your mouth both open and closed

Many of us are embarrassed about showing our teeth because they are crooked, stained or, in some cases, non existent. This is a reason to smile with your mouth closed. However, smiling open mouthed makes a far more engaging, eye catching photo.

Don't worry too much about your teeth. There are some excellent fast acting teeth whitening products you can use. Another popular option for fixing teeth is subtle digital retouching to correct flaws in their appearance.

Tip 4 - What to do with your Hands

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