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Top Tips for a Successful Family Studio Portrait


Tip 4 - What to do with your hands in portrait photos

We don't normally think about what our hands are doing in day to day life, but that all changes once you find yourself in front of a studio photographer. Then your hands turn into self conscious, awkward lumps of lead over which you have little control.

Posing Tips for Hands

  • Placing your hand(s) on your hip(s) creates dynamic, diagonal posing
  • Crossed arms is a pose that sometimes works well with families
  • Keep awkward hands busy with accessories and props
  • Big family cuddles are good for awkward hands
  • Men - avoid placing your hands in the' fig leaf' position - it looks defensive

Our photographers will strive to achieve poses which create diagonals in photo. A simple example of this is placing the hands on the hips - the arms form an interesting angular pattern which draws the observer into the photo. Another top tip is to keep awkward hands busy - holding a phone, accessories and props that give an insight into your life. Big family cuddles is a good idea.

To get the most of your time in the studio it's good to rehearse some poses at home before coming to the studio.

Tip 5 - 'Must Have' Poses

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