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London Family Photographer

Top Tips for a Successful Family Studio Portrait


Tip 6 - Jaw Line - Making Double Chins and Wrinkles Disappear

For most people, walking into a photographers studio is way beyond their comfort zone. You will find yourself standing awkwardly in front of the camera, shoulders drooping forward and staring at the camera like a rabbit caught in he headlights of a car - not a good look.

Improving your Neck and Jaw Line

  • Think posture - straighten up and pull your shoulders back
  • Lean slightly forwards at the waist
  • Stretch out your neck bringing your forehead closer to the lens
  • Raise your chin slightly
  • Look straight at the camera and put on that winning smile

Do yourself and a favour and practice the above in a mirror before you come into the studio. Get a loved one to take a few mobile photos of you posing in order to see the benefits of this technique.

It will look an feel like you are doing an E.T. impression but it will work wonders for your neck and jaw line. Posing in such a way will feel a little unnatural at first and the trick is to get comfortable with it. Light digital retouching will further reduce the effect of any wrinkles around the neck.

Tip 7 - Wearing Glasses

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