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London Family Photographer

Top Tips for a Successful Family Studio Portrait


Tip 7 - A Guide for Spectacle Wearers in the Photographers Studio

Wearing glasses for a studio photo shoot can cause problems. The first of these is reflections in the lenses. The second problem arises when the frames of the glasses cast shadows across the eyes. We ask clients to remove their glasses but completely understand if this is not possible.

A Guide to Solving Spectacle Problems in the Studio

  • If you are comfortable not wearing glasses, take them off
  • Anti reflection lenses can work but are not the perfect solution
  • Top tip - remove the lenses from an old pair of glasses
  • Thinner frames are less of a problem than thick framed glasses
  • Avoid photo chromic lenses altogether

If taking the lenses out or not wearing glasses is not possible, then the client can be photographed with and without glasses. Care should be taken to maintain exactly the same pose between shots.

Any distracting reflections or shadows can then be corrected using digital retouching - again, this is not a perfect solution as it will severely restrict the range of posing techniques used during the studio shoot.

Tip 8 - Eye Contact

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